Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is about self evaluation. It’s about looking at what your current life is made of, and getting rid of the fluff. It’s a lean, ruthless process. One might argue that it’s restorative–but here’s my premise: you are never the same. In any state, we as human beings, are constantly evolving. We are the essence of what it means for anything to be alive. Has the thought ever occurred to you that if you are not physically growing, you are physically dying? Our very chemical makeup is constantly in a state of cyclic potential to kinetic and back. Thus cleaning, even in a restorative form, is about finding and establishing a state of being akin to godliness.

Actually, I’m talking about physically getting rid of the clutter in my house. Books I haven’t touched since I acquired them. extra copies of papers. Even my blog from my California adventure has gone bye-bye, because I am re-consolidating.

I am resetting. The truth is, I’m on a time line. Life for me is about to drastically change. Again. And for the maximum potential for change, I need my life to be set up a certain way. Which means letting go of where I was in anticipation of where I will be.

Case in point: I have a bad habit of letting go of my work. I forget the projects I’ve worked on after a while. And when I end chapters artistically, I physically let my work go. I have a few pieces from the last few year, but really nothing from college or before that. Except for what is on Deviantart. That’s why you can see George, and this small gallery of stuff from long memories past. I really have no idea who ended up with these works, or even if there is a “who” who has them. Aside from these, there was a time where I was recreating my brother over and over. Also sock monkeys, and fossilized seahorses.

Gone, gone, gone.

Moving on!

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